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Spanish Programs


We have more than 10 years experience in offering personal and flexible Spanish lessons, immersing you in the Peruvian culture and all of its diverse manifestations, promoting cultural exchange through experience and contact with the local population.
We are a group of professional Peruvians with specific knowledge of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and general knowledge covering a broad range of areas such as history, literature, economics, and sociology to enhance your stay in Peru.
The profesores teach Spanish, in an easygoing entertaining manner, without the stress typical of a conventional school, which allows students to develop their abilities and improve their level in the language at their own pace. Our method is to create a friendly familiar, warm atmosphere, where each student is important and our goal is to meet their expectations as much academically as with respect to their experience in Peru.

The Weekly Program Includesspanish-curses-cusco-peru-3

  • 20 hours of group or individual Spanish classes
  • 7 nights lodging with a host family half board.
  • Hot drinks & some snacks at the school
  • Airport pick-up in Cusco
  • City Tour
  • A salsa class


The school offers private individual and group classes with lodging in houses of local families, apartments, hotels, or hostels.
The regular program consists of 4 hours daily: 2 hours of grammar, and 2 hours of conversation, with two different teachers.
Normally, the classes begin on Monday, but as they are private, classes can begin on any day. The school is closed on Saturday afternoons, and on Sundays.
Schedule: In our Spanish School classes begin each day from 9:00 am, until 7:00 pm. Students may choose their hours starting the second week of classes, but the school is flexible according to the circumstances. In high season we can star  classes at (8:00a.m.)


familiaThe Cusco families where the students stay are middle class, open, genial, friendly, and attentive to the needs of the students. The houses are located in  neighbourhoods, in close proximity to the city center, with access to public services of all types such as transportation, taxis, internet cafes, laundromats, supermarkets. The student habitations include a comfortable bed and basic furniture. The bathroom is shared with the family and has  hot shower. The family will offer the student ttwo daily meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), with the availability of vegetarian food, medical diets or specials needs. Cusqueños eat much more during the day. The family program does not include laundry. In Cusco there are a large number of laundromats of moderate price.
Airport pick-up in Cusco: A member of the family or representative of the school will pick up the student from the airport, on the day of arrival. In the event that the student is arriving by bus or train, the address and telephone number of the family will be provided to the student, in order to coordinate their arrival.

The City Tour:

The language program includes a tour of the city of Cusco. One can choose any day of the week (except Sundays) from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm for the tour. The tour includes a bus and guide. The student should buy a tourist ticket, which costs 130 soles for adults or 70 soles for children or students with international Student Card. Additionally they should pay an extra cost of 25estudiantes-tour soles for adults (13 soles for children/students) to enter the Cathedral, and 10 soles for adults (5 soles for children/students) to enter the Temple of Koricancha, as these are not included in the tourist ticket. (The price of tickets can change without notice)


Salsa classes:
On Thursday of each week, the students will be able to take a group salsa lesson with a professional salsa teacher, and will have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other students from that week.


Our curriculum covers all the students’ needs and allows for the development of their abilities at all different levels of Spanish. We use a variety of teaching  methods, emphasizing oral and written communications, speaking and listening skills.
We offer lectures designed for individual students, from beginner to advanced levels, using interesting class materials, exercises, games, and books. The School has all the materials necessary for effective Spanish education.
Books: The School has developed its own books based on its broad experience in training students. Presently, the regular program relies on 8 books, divided into 4 levels: basic, intermediate, advanced, and high, as well as "Survival Spanish", a one week course book especially designed for travelers and students who have less time to study. Each chapter of the books is composed of 2 sections, the first devoted to grammar, and the second for practice and conversation.
Other courses of Spanish available: Upon request by the student, the school also offers classes on Spanish medicine, literature, history, anthropology and Andean culture, commerce and business, or any other topics of interest to the student.

Our school also offers classes in Music with typical instruments, Cooking classes and Quechua, the language of the Incas.


Spanish at Home:


The School offers a very special program: Spanish at home, where if a student prefers, it may take classes at home or at their hotel. In this case the teachers would go to the student's house according to the schedule previously agreed with the student. This service has a small additional cost (please see the price list)




The School is centrally located in Avenida La Paz (La Paz Avenue) about a 25 minutes walk from the city center, 15 minutes by local bus, or 6 minutes by taxi. It's close to one of the commercial shopping strips, Avenida 28 de Julio (28th July Avenue) with various shops, gyms, internet, restaurants, supermarkets, etc, and is ideal for transport as it is close to the bus terminal, airport, and train station.
The school is in a comfortable building, in a welcoming environment, where classes are given in a personal and friendly manner. All the class-rooms have heating, and hot drinks are provided free to students during the classes.


HOLYDAYS 2013 IN CUSCO AND PERU (classes these days are not recoverable)  

January 01: Año Nuevo (New Year Day)

March 29 Viernes Santo (Good Friday)

May 01: Día del Trabajo (Work’s Day)

June 24: Inti Raymi. (Cusco’s Day)

July 28: Fiestas Patrias.(Independence Day)

November 01: Todos los Santos. (All Saints day)

December 25: Navidad.(Christmas)


(On December 24 and 31, the school will work only in the morning)


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